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Live Queries

As these are the Live classes, you would be able to clear your doubts in real-time as you do in the physical classroom training.

Based on Real-Data

All the sessions entirely based on real-work challenges to make you aware how to tackle the problems by learnings


This is a certification course, and once you complete it, you will receive a soft copy of your course completion certificate.

Practice on Live-Projects

We will provide you the opportunity to work on live projects during the training to make you more familiarise with the real-work challenges

Attend from AnyWhere

As these are virtual classes so, you can attend from anywhere in the world. You just have to use credentials from any device to attend the class.

Recording Support

If you would miss any class or want to revise any particular concept then recordings of each class will be available in your account for 6 months.

WHY should you Learn Advanced Excel?

  • The average salary of a Data Analyst in India is 6 Lakh per annum (by glassdoor).
  • 81% of businesses use Excel for their day-to-day activities according to Forrester Research.
  • 82% of all Jobs require Excel skills.
  • Having Excel knowledge can increase earning potential by 12%.
  • Excel is used for storing, organizing, automating, analyzing, visualizing & interpreting the data.
  • Excel is also used for complex calculations & to automate regular activities.
  • As its upgrading from time to time enable the vast flexibility to analyze data.
  • The vast majority of the companies use Excel every second, almost for everything.
  • It can be used from a shop, school, colleges to big giant companies.
  • Excel sheets are today’s pen & paper.

If you are a graduate, career-oriented, jobseeker, professional, or an entrepreneur, who wants to analyze the Data then,

This LIVE Advanced Excel Training is for you…

Content for Advanced Excel training


  • Introduction and Basic Overview of Excel
  • Linking of workbook and worksheets with each other
  • Cell Referencing (Absolute, Relative & Mixed)
  • Finding and replacing the data (Across the Workbook)
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Shortcut Keys & Other Features
  • Paste Special Options (All, Formulas, Values, Formats, Validation, Column widths, Formulas and number formats, Values, and number formats, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Transpose, how to copy and paste the data as pictures, etc.)


  • Introduction and Basic Overview of Formulas & Functions
  • Excel Formulas & Functions (CONCATENATE, UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, MODE, TODAY, NOW, IF, OR, AND, Nested IF)
  • What are Comments and how to use
  • How and where to use “&” to join data in different cells


  • Basic to Advanced Conditional Formatting and its Use in different scenarios (Color the data based on different conditions)
  • Highlight Top or Bottom percent / ranked values
  • Color cells based on their values
  • Color above or below average cell values
  • Color unique or duplicate values
  • Color data based on date conditions (Like: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, etc.)


  • What is Filter and Sorting
  • How to apply Advanced Filter & Sort in Excel
  • Displaying Unique Records by using an Advanced Filter
  • Fetch records from one sheet to another without copying
  • Sort data in different scenarios
    • Sort multiple columns together
    • Sort columns Left to Right or Top to Bottom
    • Create custom list for sorting or filtering
  • Excel Formulas & Functions (FIND, SEARCH, RIGHT, LEFT, LEN, MID)
  • Working on Hyperlinks
    • Open Websites
    • Linking with different sheets
    • Draft an email automatically


  • How to extract and collate data from 100+ excel files
  • What is Name Manager and how to integrate with other functions
  • Introduction and basics of Data Validation
    • Use of Data Validation in different scenarios
    • How to use Formulas in Data Validation
  • Detailed overview of Pivot Tables
  • Importance of slicers in Pivot Tables
  • How to create a dynamic range for Pivot Tables
  • How to use calculated fields in Pivot Tables
  • Grouping in Pivot Tables
  • Other options available in Pivot Tables


  • Introduction of Excel Charts
  • Uses of Charts in different Scenarios (Bar Charts, Column Charts, Chart Options, Combo Charts, Pareto Chart, Waterfall chart, Scatter Plot Chart)
  • How to link charts with Control buttons (Combo Box, Check Box, Spin Box, Option Box) without using VBA
  • Protecting worksheet and workbook (7 Different Techniques to protect data in Excel)
  • Excel Formulas & Functions (DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR, TEXT, EOMONTH, NETWORKDAYS)


  • How to Group and Ungroup Big Data
  • How to Import Data from different Sources
    • Import data from Excel Files
    • Import data from PDF Files
    • Import data from SQL Server / Access Database
    • Import data from Websites
  • How to use What-If Analysis Techniques
    • Scenario Manager
    • Goal Seek
    • Data Table
  • How to use GO TO special options


  • How to Group and Ungroup Big Data
  • How to Import Data from different Sources
    • Import data from Excel Files
    • Import data from PDF Files
    • Import data from SQL Server / Access Database
    • Import data from Websites
  • How to use What-If Analysis Techniques
    • Scenario Manager
    • Goal Seek
    • Data Table
  • How to use GO TO special options

Know more about us......

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Know your Mentor

  • Microsoft Excel certified specialist with 11+ years of experience
  • Worked with well-known brands such as TCS, Aon, and Care Health Insurance.
  • At the age of 20, founded my first love, EXCEL, and have since gained a vast knowledge of EXCEL, VBA, and POWER BI.
  • In 2019, founded MDATA FINNOVATICS, a company that has served many clients from 40+ countries with Excel, VBA, and Power BI projects and training.
  • Quite enthusiastic about using logic to address data-related difficulties in many of clients’ projects.
  • Developed the ability to apply sound logic to any real-work problem.
  • AIM is to provide the top-demanded skill to any eager learner by combining all of his learnings accumulated during his journey at an affordable price.


Microsoft Excel Certified

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all common questions below that you might have about the advanced Excel Training. For any further queries, please contact:

Is the Training Live or Pre-recorded?

Every class will be live & you will get the access of all the recordings.

Is it a certified Training program?

Yes, you will get the completion certificate.

Will I get recordings if I miss out on a live session?

Yes! You will receive recordings of all the sessions.

How can I ask for refund?

We are providing 1st Live class at free of cost. So that you can check the quality and then pay. There will be no refunds.