Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Everyone wants to know the health of their organization. Dashboards are the best tool to represent the data to the management which helps them to take necessary actions. To read the data of thousands of rows in tabular form is difficult. But, we have the solution. MData Finnovatics customize visualization solutions with software like Excel and Power BI to make Dashboard easy for your customers to clarify their questions about your business.

Benefits of Excel and Power BI Dashboard

Data visualization allows business users
    Spot the trends and errors,
  –  Identify outliers,
   Track goal achievements,
  –  Compare the performance of 
            – Various Products,
            – Categories,
            – Brands,
    Easy-to-understand reports,
  –  Dynamic charts and Graphs,
  –  KPI dashboards 

Dashboard on Applications

Microsoft Excel

Power BI

Dashboard Samples

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