Mdata Finnovatics Story

We help people to understand data in Excel and Power BI

With 800+ projects completion experience in last 10 years - makes Mdata Finnovatics Excel, VBA and, Power BI Experts

While working with major data players like TCS, AON, and Care Insurance, Excel Kida” was born inside of me. After working for about 8 years, then I decided to start my own company. My purpose was to deliver the BEST solutions to the frustrated and confused people and businesses who were facing trouble while dealing with Excel and VBA complexities. 

In 2019, Mdata Finnovatics was born, with the intention of giving both onshore and offshore clients access to the extensive possibilities in excel. We were confident that we could provide the best Excel, VBA, and Power BI automation, and dashboards services that would help our clients to save between 50%-60% of their costs and time.

Our Growth Chart with Excel, VBA, and, Power BI

As Excel formulas, functions, dashboards, and coding are entirely based on logic and reasoning, so I fall in love with them. In 2011, Just after my college crush, excel macros became my second love. Then I started exploring the power and possibilities of Microsoft excel.

In my more than 8 years of experience, I have seen a growing need for Excel specialists who can offer the best Excel automation and VBA macros solutions.

Initially, we started our journey as Excel and VBA freelancers, but gradually we mastered a very interactive dashboard tool is Power BI.

Our Milestone

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Client's satisfaction

Our Skill Set

Mdata Finnovatics initially began its journey with data automation services, which helps small and medium-sized businesses to reduce their operating costs and save their valuable time. However, as we expand, started working on different data sets by utilizing our automation and visualization expertise in Excel, VBA macros, and Power BI.

Currently, Mdata Finnovatics is providing multiple services like Excel and Power BI Consulting, Data Automation, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Dashboards to a variety of target clients on Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Variance Analysis, Automation, MS Projects, and so on.

How Mdata Finnovatics is different

Our company Mdata Finnovatics ensures to fulfill 4 parameters – Time, Quality, free assistance for 3 months, and Hourly/Fixed budget flexibility.

1STCONSULTING IS FREE – Mdata Finnovatics provides 1ST consulting completely free of cost. During this free consulting we scope the client’s or company’s requirements and generate a quote to fit the client or company’s budget accordingly.

“You think in excel; we are here to make it possible”

We serve to almost every type of Industry

Excel, VBA, and Power BI applications are used almost in every type of industry to store, analyze, and present their data. We serve virtually every type of industry as per their need.











Environment friendly automation and Dashboard

Environment priority

We work online, which means using virtual or video meetings whenever and wherever possible, which reducing the need for transportation that is related CO2 emissions. We also do plantation, when we hit the target just to make earth the most beautiful and precious gift for our future generations.

Mdata Finnovatics Values

100% Client's Satisfaction

More than Expectation

Less Time Delivery

To schedule, a quick chat with one of our Excel or Power BI experts send us a message or Ping on WhatsApp at the number below.

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